Project Company Customer Duration Budget Workers
Singlish Word Processor IntelisoftSL Off The Shelf 18 Months Profit 10,000 1
Anoma Agro Chem. MIS IntelisoftSL Anoma Agro Chem 4 Months Profit 25,000 1
Prince & Princess MIS Native Innovations Prince & Princess 4 Months N A 2
Tipitaka Search Engine IntelisoftSL Community 4 Months N A 2
Astro E Divaesa Native Innovations Off The Shelf 8 Months N A 4
DeMel & Son’s Bakery MIS SpaTech – IntelisoftSL DeMel & Son’s Bakery 6 Months Profit 25,000 2
De Soysa Maternity Hospital MIS SLIIT Project Group Government 6 Months Non Profit Group of 10 Forum IntelisoftSL Community 2 Months Non Profit 2
Work Place Environment Duration Team
IntelisoftSL Home Since December 2002 …  
Native Innovations Office / Virtual Office 8 Months 1 Data entry operater
2 Test users
SpaTech Virtual Office / Friend Since October 2005 … 1 Friend

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