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Social bookmark services are proliferating at a high rate. BookmarkCraze thinks it would help to keep track of them all. Even there are simillar other services, BookmarkCraze focuses on those who want a selected few icons over a fancy JavaScript button.

There are so many options for the user to create text only links, JavaScript buttons (which take the URL and Title form the current page) and to host the user’s own icons. All the popular bookmarking sites are supported on BookmarkCraze.

In BookmarkCraze, Social bookmark icons are generated using a database which enables the developers to add new services with ease. Once a new bookmarking service becomes popular it could be added without developing effort. Users can contact the developer team through the Contact Us form to request a new bookmarking site to be added.

BookmarkCraze uses JavaScript to generate the bookmark icons code and Ajax to communicate with the server making it fast and user-friendly.