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Smallville, Meteor shower, End of humans.

You know; Mom says there will be a meteor shower tonight. It’s amazing, no! One reason is that I like astronomy and have a 10X telescope made by “myself”. And the other reason is that… These days I’m honestly obsessed with the Smallville TV series. I borrowed those DVDs from a friend of mine, who got all 5 seasons ever out.

Do you know that, according to Buddhism the end of human nations begins with a meteor shower… People who see that get affected from the meteor shower and changes to kill each other. Do you see a pattern; it seems a similar story in Smallville.

For a millisecond I thought that has already begun, as many wars have started all over the world as never before, and still growing. These conflicts were the end of the golden age of development.

The leaders are called the genius, but the real geniuses never come to the politics, that’s what I say about politics. What I’m going to tell is that it’s all about our leaders who put the people for the fights. We have to open our eyes and see the truth… Then I realized that what I thought was wrong; that people themselves don’t start the war, and it’s all politics.

But, again you will realize that there is a small tendency all around the world towards “solving problems via strength, not wit”. I wanted to think about that as; it is just because the media and journalists have developed to report each and every frown and dispute in exaggeration. Now it seems I was wrong about that idea.