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An old story – for those who can reason.

Once upon a time, there was an old man, and he had a son and a daughter. One day, this man brought a poisonous fruit for a good reason,

and told his son and daughter to not to even touch it. But they tasted it and both of them died. So the old man was very sad about this, so he

blamed the person who sold that fruit.

Later on, this old man had another son. Before his son was a grown up man, this old man sent out his son for a difficult task, alone, far and

away. When the son returned after more than a month, he has learnt so many things. So he shared his knowledge with the neighbors. The son

has also learnt about that person who has sold the poisonous fruit to his father.

Some neighbors believed him and some neighbors doubted what he said about the fruit vendor and the good things of far far away. So and

so, some one among the neighbors have told to this father some bad stuff his son have done, but the father knew the truth that his son

wouldn’t have done such things. But he was still grieving about his first son who died after eating the poisonous fruit.

One day, this father killed his son for the fault that his first son ate that poisonous fruit. Those neighbors who believed on what his son, and

their decedents and many other people who happened to met with them, still believes that, what his father has done is the most sensible and

right thing to do. What do you think..?


Who or what created god-if space did not exist before god what existed-where did space begin did it grow from nothing there must have been something before space or space couldn’t exist-right?

This is an answer I wrote for a question on a WikiQuestion

Space is just nothingness. There is no need to create a space. Everything has to be existed from without a beginning!

You cannot find a beginning of everything. It is not the right question. All the problems start when you look at the question in the wrong way.

Time as a measurement is just a concept. It is perceived through the changes of matter. If there is no change in the matter there is no need for a concept called time. The nature of changing is universal and so does the time. There is no beginning. It is hard to understand when you are so stick to the belief of a concept called time.

Some say it is the big bang. But all the theories about the beginning have gone very wrong that they have not correctly understood the question.

The questions of beginning have so tied up with the concept of time. Time is just a concept perceived by the changes. There is no universal thing called time. It is only this moment from beginning to end. Only this moment is existent.

Live in this moment and there will be no problem for you about the beginning.

A Pilgrimage to a Rainforest

Last weekend me and a bunch of friends of mine went to Kanneliya. It is a tropical rainforest and a national forest reserve. I wish I could post some photos, but my camera is broken. But you can see the photos I took on the trip to Sinharaja on my Flickr album. It was the trip of last year.

It is a really beautiful forest, complete with leeches. I wonder why the organizers always choose a place that has lot of leeches. The fact is that most of the tropical rainforests has the leeches. These leeches are harmless, and can’t crawl above your knee level. But the girls always scream when they even see a one. Two girls came with their mothers; one has “recited” about 50 rosaries when she saw the leeches and another girl actually cried.

On the way to the rain forest we stopped by a waterfall. I forgot to take my flip-flops, and my snickers heels are polished! So I went up barefooted, than risking being slipped over at the hilltop. The waterfall was at its splendor in this rainy season, and all my cloth got completely soaked just by standing about 20 meters away from it for about half an hour.

We went to another waterfall in Kanneliya, which was more beautiful. There is a pier near the waterfall where the road ends near it, from where you can see the most of it. But to experience the waterfall, you must walk between the rocks jumping on them. I lay on a rock in the middle of the stream in front of the waterfall, facing the sky. Tall trees were all around me, and I’m amid the waterfalls around me. I felt like sleeping on the lap of Gaia, looking at what she has to show me, sleeping her warmth. The clouds have so many morphing shapes, that tells us a story; if you listen to it. The flowing water sings a song, if you listen to it.

One’s picnic is another ones pilgrimage…

On our way home we went to Galle beach. I should have took a kick board, I’m not sure if I can swim or not; and a long rope too!