War and Government

      We have lost many lives. Countries do war to extend their land and the army forces sacrifice their lives. The government takes the decision. In Sri Lanka, some people call it is an ethnic conflict. But this is not a war against a group of people. It is all about that Sri Lanka is a one country and it should remain as a one country.

      We should be really grateful to our security forces to protect us from the terrorists. But the government shamelessly tries to take the credit of the victory in Toppigala (Sri Lanka). Army forces and their leaders are the people who know about war and they are the ones who should take the decision. If our government never interfered with the decisions in the war, this would have come to an end a long time ago.

      Lets discuss this in detail. Toppigala may be a thick forest or maybe not. I’m not going to argue about that, because I’ve never been there. But I know that it was not under terrorists for that long time. We lost Toppigala very recently and it is because of the wrong decisions of that so-called government. Actually it was a decision taken by a Norway peace agent to open the roads to northeast.

      The government is the reason for many problems, and when someone else solves the problem, they shamelessly try to get the credit. What our government lacks most is the discipline. The security forces and their administration is the only place where discipline remains in this country. If we have a war in this country and if we really want to solve that, I think we should hand over this country to the security forces with no strings attached. When people who don’t know anything about something put their fingers in to it, it is really hard to manage the situation, even for the experts. When the time comes when the security forces their control over the whole country, people will at lest pay their tax rupees with pleasure.

Do you see any Minister in Parliment or H.M. Mahinda Rajapaksha in the above video. But if yau watch News, you will see that they are trying to take the credit. And I think that Mr. Ranil would now think that it would have been better if he kept his mouth shout for a while. He could not speak out what he really meant (even after being an Ex lawyer).


6 Responses to “War and Government”

  1. 1 sam July 12, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    President is the chief in command – he is the head of the army. I don’t think it is shameless of taking credit, other hand his is also liable for military actions too. Anyway, way they take credit is shameless.. that I agree. Our solders deserver much more gratitude from people… that I agree too.

    Army is not an organization of making decisions. Armies do one thing and one thing only. They follow orders. (Ask any army officer – he will tell you.) Parliament is the policy maker. I don’t say our parliament is good (or any other parliament in this case). But still, Donkey never should do the Dog’s job – that’ll end up in a disaster.

    Also War is a political activity. Armies don’t do War. Armies do fight. That is deferent. Army win battles – countries win wars.
    // If we have a war in this country and if we really want to solve that, I think we should hand over this country to the security forces with no strings attached.//

    Isn’t that exactly what LTTE is doing to Tamil people in north? Taking away democracy and dominate them using muscle power? Isn’t LTTE a well discipline group of people carry weapons, wear uniforms and collect taxes? Isn’t that exact principle we are trying to stop?
    Anyone carry weapons and wear uniforms never should control north or south.

  2. 2 Rohan July 13, 2007 at 1:55 am

    The country would never have a war if the politicians did not create it. The sinhala only policy has no meaning today. Most sinhalese need to go to other countries and work and need english as a passport to have a dignified job. Else they can only clean toilets.

    Give the country to the military and it will end up like Burma or Pakistan. The military officials in Sri Lanka are equally corrupted. It is worst if they who have no economic or foreign policy knowledge lead the country.

    The gaining of territory in the east has spread out the armed forces. Its a shallow victory and the real victory will be a resolution of the ethnic problem.

    Even the Irish was a terrorist problem was solved using political solutions. The goverment and military idiots have jumped on the Sept 11 bandwagon by calling the LTTE a terrorist problem. Blair is already out and Brown is facing the consequnce of the idiots policy. Soon Bush will be out. Sri Lankan economy is on a verge of collapse. See how the idiots glee when the people are struggling for food.

  3. 3 mayooresan July 13, 2007 at 5:11 am

    I do understand your feelings, but you people also need to understand the feelings of the Tamil people.

    I agree there is no such ethnic conflict in this country, bcos I’m living in Colombo and I’m studying in kelaniya campus with Sinhalese. NO problem at all.

    First of all government should win the hearts of the Tamil people then only things will get change otherwise it’s not easy to win the LTTE either.

    When we got the independence from the British Tamil people demanded for a united country, they don’t want to make a separate country like Pakistan. But after the independence everything went wrong. Sinhala politicians corrupted the minds of the Sinhalese and they gave them the sinhala only idea. It’s the main factor that lead to the terrorism and separatism.

    What gained in east may not be a good victory still there is a huge land to be conquered which is going to be very bloody war. It’s so sad still people believe in making peace by war!!! 😦

    Still there is a way to make peace in this country not by winning LTTE but by winning the hearts of Tami people..

    With love,

  4. 4 vishva July 13, 2007 at 5:11 am

    I never say a thing like “Sinhala only”. What I say is that Sri Lanka should remain as a one single country. The only reason I would ever have to go away from this country is either for higher education or to go to a place where my tax money is not wasted by government. Still there are many decent jobs in this country even if you don’t know a single English word.
    There are many people who go abroad to work and earn money, because they have no vocational training, which is also the fault of the government. I personally have followed many vocational training courses (just in case…) and now an undergraduate in B.Sc. (IT) in hope for a better job. It really needs English for higher education and better jobs, even if you are in Japan. But it is never been a must and never will be.
    The wrong attitude of people like you is the other reason for the misery of this country. Why can’t you see the bright side and think of rebuilding. Never be so negative. C,mon! B +ve!!

  5. 5 vishva July 13, 2007 at 5:24 am

    That reply, I meant for Mr Rohan, our Sinhala Brother.

    Now… Mayooresan, brother. I can agree with most of the things you have said. It is really necessary to “win the hearts” of Tamil people. But the army has to do what the government says. And what the government wants is the respect of the majority. They will kill any number to get that respect to win in the next election. Now we have to identify our enemies. We have LTTE and Government in either sides (both same), and Sinhala and Tamil people in the middle.
    The Army is mostly Sinhala people and they also wants to protect lives (both Tamil and Sinhala; also Muslim). I think they are the ones who know the value of a life more than anyone else. We people don’t know the value of a life like a soldier.
    So what the government wants is to win the war, not to end the conflict. If we people (all of us) understand that the end of conflict is not just the winning of war and the respect should go to the army not the government. And if the war is not a business of the government; and if we could convince this to both parties, this will come to a better end.
    So… what do you think?

  6. 6 vishva July 14, 2007 at 5:10 am

    President, a person having no experience in war being the chief in command is the shameless thing in the first hand. In the last government it was the same case.
    Parliament takes the decisions the way the other countries like Norway wants. And they have many other goals like how to impress the majority for winning in the next election.
    Parliament is the policy maker. But it is not a factory and the people in the parliament have no right policy in the first hand.
    LTTE hold weapons to separate the country and our army hold weapons to save the people and save this land as a one country. That is the difference and the similarity is that both people have hearts and lives. We all have blood that is red. The war should come to an end, one way or the other. The victory needs sacrifice.

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