How does a Holy War begins

The following was a long discussion started in small through You Tube. Just note the person who have “killer” in his name.

*blessed be*

This is GREAT!!!!!! Blessed be*

Just beautiful Aine. 🙂

The word Witch does not necessorily mean woman. The word can be also used to call a male Witchcraft practitioner.
Blessed Be!

Blessed be the Rock!
Blessed be the God of Abraham! Isaac! and Jacob!
Blessed be the Name of Jesus!

What do you mean…
I really don’t get what you really mean…

This is what i mean!Acts 2
38Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission ofsins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Sin… I believe sin as doing harm to others. We do no harm. If it harms none, we do what we wish. How can loving thenature and receiving the Godesses gifts be wrong.

Your belief for what is sin is wrong. Your worship what is contrary to God. We are all sinnners. Some though are justforgiven. You worship the created and i worship the creator!

       Moved to Personnal Messages

I respect your religious faith. Just thought to say few words about your attitude. I also respect your right to saywhatever you wish till it harms none. I just expect the tolerance.
As Christians you people are used to think that you have the one true religion and murdered many people, just for notagreeing with your views. In that way I feel safe over the Internet.
We Witchcraft practitioners do not worship a devil, do not eat babies and do not fly broomsticks. In other words we do notdo anything to harm anyone, that’s in our wiccan rede (like your Commandments). Most of all we do not go around throwing

our religious believes on other people like you people does.
I (we) do not expect any respect as other religions asks for, nothing special, but the tolerance. Just to be considered as

another religion. We don’t want to be saved by you. We don’t like to be discriminated.
By the way, your home pages text opacity is little too low. It is little hard to read.
Blessed Be!

My attitude? your playing with demons if you didnt already know. there are no spirits of nature or spirits of whatever!
There is only the spirit of God and fallen angels.Men may have murdered claiming it was God’s will but it not scriptural. So claiming christian guilt is pointless. Yourpractices on the other hand, your “religion” is an abomination unto God.You dont worship a devil, you worship the devil.
And even if you worship nature or what ever your still worshipping the created and not the creator.My God is more awesome and more powerful then any spirit or force you believe.

Your playing with fire little girl, and your gonna get burned.

Oops! That hurts a little. :)I personnaly do not worship on anything. For me, it is admiration. Saying it loud is not my way.I’m basically a Buddhist. I don’t take Wiccanism as a Religion. I only take their practices to improve in my life.Wiccans don’t believe that there is a devil, how can we worship something we don’t believe to exist.

By the way I’m not little and I’m not a girl.
I’m 22 and I’m a boy; an undergraduate.

My creators are my parents.

I’m not goint to get burnt untill your people find me.

 LOL! nice play no words..funny.The problem is you dont know what you take part in. Wiccanism buddhism paganism. Your dealing with a false philosophy anda doctrine of demons.Answer this please how does wiccanism improve your life?

I’m telling just because you ask.
I have learnt to connect with nature more closely and discover my inner powers and energies. Through meditation I couldrevive my thinking ability and mind potential (free thinking). A new path has opened before me. Afterall I have found ahappier path and I was facinated by their liturature.
It is our own inner powers and forces of nature we use to improve our day to day life. But we do not expect to defeat theother people. Anyway the nature’s law is the survival of the fittest.

Since you fail to follow the true path, you fail to connect with the infinite God who had no begining and who created allmatter and designed the universe. The spirit of God is the only path to true wisdom and enlightenment.Your “inner powers and energies” are actually what the bible says is body soul and spirit. The body consistingof all flesh which is measurable but connected to the soul and spirit which gives you thought and life.

These eastern philosophys only mimic then twist what the scriptures of the prophets teach.

You may think you’ve achieved enlightenment but come war and conflict, peace and love you come up short.

God is a loving God but he is also perfect/holy/without blemish and sin/imperfection cannot exist in his presence.

You have sinned.

Eastern Philosophies are much ancient than your scriptures. When you say “eastern philosophys only mimic then twist thescriptures” it is just a joke! We had the knowledge for tens of thousands of years, and your prophet just took it to thewesterns.
Excuse me, Am I the one who speak hate words and accusations. Just go back and see if you had love and peace.

                                                End of discussion


2 Responses to “How does a Holy War begins”

  1. 2 Uncle Johnson June 6, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    Man, just forget about these Christian bigots. Don’t bother trying to reply to their bullshit. These fuckers are trying to ruin religious harmony in Sri Lanka and have succeeded to an extent. The Christian priests who teach their flock this mindless fanaticism and hatred ought to be shot or hung.

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