Rational thinking and Science

        Rational thinking can be a good thing. But if someone goes to the extream it is not right. Because in rationalism only the censory perception is accepted as true. But we should understand that there are many parameters around us that cannot be senced to our human perception.

        For an example we cannot see (sence) radio waves. But it exists and we use it. If Marconi thought that there are nothing as radio waves because he could not see a wave going between the two places, there will not be a radio technology or no E communication.

        Science is developed through many hypothesis. In mathematics also many theories are developed through hypothesis. If someone becomes an extream rationalist there will not be a difference between computors and rationalist.

        The ability to make dream thoughts and hypothesis is the remarkable ability of humankind. Scientists Inventors (the true creators of this world) made this world with making their dreams true. They have faced many troubles from rationalist extreamists. Before the first TV is made if someone said that we will be able to see a far away incident as it is through a window pane and record it to see later, most of the people would say that he is insane, because they have not developed their mind to think that anything has a possibility to happen.

        People who don’t know much Science thinks that Science is always being Rational and they can get an “invention” if they mix the right formula in a test tube. But who invents the “right formula” just “hoping” that he will get the “expected” result…


4 Responses to “Rational thinking and Science”

  1. 1 freethinker May 2, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    One does not have to see something to believe it exists. Take oxygen for example. We don’t see it yet we know its there and science can prove it exists using various lab tests.

    What is difficult to believe are those theories put forward by philosophers and religionists based on absolute faith.

  2. 2 vishva May 2, 2007 at 9:55 pm

    Good theory. Well done. I like that comment.
    Science is a sort of a religion. When they say there is oxygen in air we believe, and very few does the experiment while the majority believes. Even the method they say and the name they call it; we have to believe because they say.
    The existence of oxygen is a small little thing. C’mon: There are more occult and more esoteric sides in the new facets of Science. But there is surely a difference between “theories on absolute faith”, and the experiments on some extents.
    Sill, in Science they do a correlation test for a small sample and believe it goes to the infinity. But after some thousands the trend totally changes. The Raleigh Gin curve for radiation of black bodies is a good example. First someone came out with an equation for this that worked well for small temperatures. But went seriously wrong for larger temperatures. Later someone else came out with another equation that worked well for larger temperatures. Finally these two guys Raleigh & Gin combined these two and came up with an extremely long equation that relates the black body radiation maximum wavelength and temperature.

  3. 3 vishva September 8, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    Athiests and Thiests are both sheep, going on the same road, but opposite directions where both leads to nowhere.

  4. 4 Jonah Neely May 29, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Heh am I honestly the first comment to this great post!?

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