Habbits & Movies

    Are you a habbit breaker? I am. The bad part is that I can’t keep a good habit for a long time. The good part is that I can easily break bad habits. But making things a habit is in my nature. Then I discover them and break ’em, and make fun of it.

These days I’m making a sort of a bad habit. Actually not bad, but not a good one at all. I figured out that I used to buy DVDs once a weak. I figured it out only when I saw the pile under the TV. No idea why anyone at home have figured that out before me. Last time it was lending DVDs from a library. But buying is worse ne! Next week I’m going to buy another DVD and then going to break that habit (as once a week.) Most of them was horor movies. I got The Lady In The Water, The Ring II, The Cult, Finel Destination 3 and the Dead man’s chest. I watched them and enjoyed. Now I got to sell them. Wanna buy one?

Ok Now this is becoming an advertiesment no… Sorry for that. I would better collect them. By the way Nirmal… they have those SpongeBobs action movies there.


1 Response to “Habbits & Movies”

  1. 1 Nirmal March 24, 2007 at 4:53 am

    really? well once i’ve bought a dvd writer i’ll ask you for a price quotation for them!

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