Great mistakes of Great kingdoms

        As the geographical dimensions of a kingdom under one management are increased, the ability of that kingdom to concentrate power also increased approximately exponentially. But when the power is increased towards the center of kingdom, social contrast is also increased radially out from center towards the bottom of society.

        For this rule, there I declare a model of society in a kingdom, that it consists of radial layers one over the other where the top layers are nourished by the bottom layers radially. Sometimes the management attempts to concentrate power towards center for its long-term political strategies, like a war of defense or a war of conquer, may be a defense plan. Think the layers of society are floated in a liquid (outer entities the kingdom) when the center is heightened relative to the bottom layers the bottom layers has to descend more deep in the liquid.

        The society is not a continuous entity; it is discontinuous. Each individual has a potential to jump to the top layer if sufficient motivation is given. Therefore in such a case potent elements of society rises to challenge the system against the management. Such a phenomena is commonly called a rebel. Many of those could be found in the world history. The management of those kingdoms in such periods are remarkable throughout those legends, Hitler, Mao, Chin teoe Ist &c, &c. when such a situation is arisen there also has to be a leadership and a set of radial layers around that. Therefore the emperor has two options to choose. Either he has to gather them around his self or to exterminate them.

        Hitler is an example who has chosen the first method. He has even made use of the technology of his rival Jews as well. He let it drain their potential to raise the top of his realm without drowning his lower layers. As a result the lower layers of hiss rival has gone more deep down. Like a leach suck blood from its host Hitler raised his realm against my theory above mentioned. But finally the uproar of lower layers was liberated from being pressed under. That was the model of western emperors.

        Most of the eastern emperors have chosen the other option in the case of a rebel. They used to exterminate the potent quantities risen from lower levels without giving them a chance. They might think that it would be easier to control their realm when none out there can go over his tactics. Therefore they found another dimension to count on layer model of society. First they determined their level and cut off the top layers of intellectuals while sucking their blood.

        Anyone can see a sharp difference between the east and the west in nowadays. The most probable reason is that the west’s determined a higher level of intellectuals to cut off. Even they would be more useful, they were small in numbers. In the other hand the existence of such intellectual personalities would thought to be a threat to the empire.
One has said that ‘every leadership has bad qualities, and it is wiser to chose the leadership with minimum bad qualities’.

        Communism is a model of politics where the management sucks the blood of potent individuals with great motivation, and nourishes the majority of scarecrows. This is also against the theory ‘Survival of the fittest’ by Charles Darwin. According to that theory the entities those are not suitable to compete has to give up. One can say that the above-mentioned individuals of emperors are survivals who had great potentials. I’m telling him that alone they are not strong to compete. They came to that position by the help of a radial array of layers around them. Such emperors are the real mean red foxes been in world society.

        Sir Arthur C Clark has once put forward a political idea in his ‘Songs of Far away Earth’ to chose a leadership by the means of a raffle instead of polling among people. As a whole this would seem a freak idea. But you must read the next few sentences of that article where he declares that ‘it is the worst quality a leader could have is the greed to be the leader.’ Sir Arthur C Clark


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