The world’s oldest Blog

The world’s oldest Blog was in Sri Lanka, and the Bloggers came there from all around the world to post their aesthetic ideas on it, (Internet was not there at that time). First it belonged to a king named Kashyapa, and his guests also posted comments on it. Even at that time this Blog supported graphics on it. Archeologists guess that it was the prime reason that this Blog received so many comments & hits on it. After the king, many travelers who came to see the fortress also posted comments for the pictures posted on it at the time of the king. The pictures were stored on the fresco back-end and reflected on the Blog. Except that there is a lateral inversion on wall, the fresco was a good storage mechanism; that preserved the high-resolution graphics for thousands of years. The text pages are hosted on the mirror wall called “Kaetapath Pavra”

Now the whole fortress is preserved as a museum and the Blog is temporally closed for further posts until they “Take Backups” of historical Blog entries. It is reported that the “Backup Process” is finished, but the Blog is still closed. They say that if it is re opened it will be harder to do the “Moderation” for new posts. I guess that it is a good time to re-open this historical Blog for the new generation, in another medium at least, (But it has to be realistic as the original one).

Sigiriya Kaetapth Pavra


2 Responses to “The world’s oldest Blog”

  1. 1 sittingnut January 29, 2007 at 9:49 am

    nice way to look at it.
    it would be a nice idea have a place to post new ‘comments’ about the frescoes.

  2. 2 Blogging Tips February 21, 2009 at 1:26 am

    i wonder how many people read this blog

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