Some of my friends are witches

What is witchcraft, it is a broad subject. There are many fictions and folklores about them. The storytellers have spread many mythologies around the world resulting that any of them is hesitant to appear as a “witch”. People afraid what they don’t understand, and fear the fact that they don’t understand. Therefore they utterly attempt to describe their ignorant in terms of their own words. The result of that came unto them.

Nowadays the science and technology is depicting itself as very developed, so they are going to explain the unexplained on branches like metaphysics. People tend to put the Magick in the rough measurement of Supernaturality. I feel so sad about that, because the Magick is the most natural thing I saw while everything else is going more & more paranormal. The Nature is the source of energy of all the other components of it. But all those ignorant people have forgotten those.

We have been so attached to our senses and deemed it as the “Self”, so we have been so blind to the gifts of instincts of the nature. It is dissolved in the concept of our Self. See how complex we have messed everything up. Sometimes ignorant people live happier. We have made our lives complicated.


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  1. 1 vishva February 27, 2008 at 6:53 pm

    A Brief History On The Old Religion And Witchcraft

    Witchcraft is both a religion and a craft. Different people have different views and beliefs about it. But in this article I’m trying to give a brief prologue of available information. As many more bits of information on this topic can obviously remain hidden and secret, any broad topic on this subject will be incomplete. If I’m missing some very obvious and must include information, please inform me, and help to improve this article.

    As I have said before witchcraft is both a religion and a craft. There is no authority or politics in witchcraft. That means as a religion it is not a hierarchical or organized religion. But within each coven (group) there is a leadership held by one or two (from both sexes) members; but all the members are considered equal. There is no strict doctrine in witchcraft.

    Witchcraft comes from the old religion people developed with the beginning of the civilization. In the dawn of the human, when the apes became human they tried to understand the natural phenomena. The old religion is very much related to the nature. In other words it was “The Nature”. People in different regions of world made their own nature religions different and unique; but with the same basic underlying philosophy.

    In some eastern countries the old religion was limited to a certain class of people. In some western countries there was a very complicated series of events that lead the followers of the old religion to go underground and keep their religion and practices as a secret. In eastern countries the old religion differentiated to many different forms; and few of them became more formal and organized religions like Hinduism, Upanishad and the four Vedic Dharma.

    In the time of Lord Buddha there was 62 religions based on the old religion. Many followers of those old religions became Buddhists. Some features of the old religion came in to make a new variety of Buddhism in some parts of Asia as the Mahayana or the Vajrayana. As Buddhism didn’t rejected any other faith or belief system, the old religion in many countries blended in to Buddhism as different traditions.

    A series of war and conflicts in Rome lead to the beginning of a new religion that claimed it was the only true religion and everyone should accept it. Unlike the old religions it was very closely connected to politics. The new religion made new laws that lead to a large-scale massacre of the followers of the old religion; which was notorious as the Witch-Trials, Witch-Hunt or The Burning Times.

    In many countries where the old religion didn’t faced any threats from other religious or political groups it was not labeled under any name; and became commonly (also) known as the folklore or the traditions. The term Witchcraft was a label superimposed on many European varieties of the old religion by “The Religion”.

    Italy is a special place and a must-mention when talking about the Burning-Times. Even Italy is close to Rome where the witch-hunt began, the massacre never happened in Italy in such a large scale. The old religion remained in Italy almost intact throughout the Burning-Times. But when carefully studying old text from the Italian old religion it seems that there were some instances of conflicts between the new religion and the old religion. The Italian variation of the old religion is also known as “Strega” or “Stregoneria” which is identified as synonym to “Witchcraft” in English.

    Salem Witch-Hunt seems to be another event in the history of witchcraft. But I don’t think that this is related to the old religion. It started in 1692 on Salem village, Massachusetts, United States. It began with a ridiculous diagnosis by a medical doctor that lead 25 people to death. Even these people were executed for practicing Witchcraft; it is indeed not related to Witchcraft at all.

    By 1950s many European countries have removed laws against witchcraft. After this, many groups of people who practiced the old religion came to surface to openly declare their religion. But there was no reason for them to propagate their religion and hence their existence is not known to the public at large. Even the laws against the Witchcraft were removed many followers of the new religion never accepted the followers of the old religion. This conflict still exists in some parts of the world.

    During and after the times of industrial revolution some people like Gerald Gardner, Raymond Buckland and many others researched the old religions throughout the world and redefined a religious movement named after “Wicca”. Some people says that “Wicca” means the wise ones path. The word Wicca sounds much like the Italian word for the Old Religion (La “Vecchia” Religione); and seems to be originated from that.

    Wicca is also a both religion and a craft. But it gives more importance to the religious part.

    The most popular and well-known tradition of Wicca is founded by Gerald Gardner and it is called as “Gardnerian Wicca”. Gerald Gardner was an English civil servant worked in many countries that was under the colonial of United Kingdom. He comes from a lineage of European Old Religion.

    Raymond Buckland was another famous person on the subject of Witchcraft who have written many books and made many speeches to the public to eliminate the popular misconceptions about the old religion as being identified as the devil worship. He learnt and followed Gardnerian Wicca and later founded a new tradition as “Seax Wicca”. Raymond Buckland comes from a lineage of Romani people commonly known as Gypsies.

    Raven Grimassi is another famous figure in Italian Witchcraft or Strega. He was born in 1951 and migrated to United States with his mother during the Word War II. He have written a lot of books related to the Italian or Dianic Witchcraft.

    The esoteric and occult movement initiated by Aliester Crowley is somewhat distantly related to the Old Religion. He have taken many techniques and knowledge from the old religion and modernized as only a craft; but not very much as a religion.

    In 2006 the United States of America recognized the Pentacle, the Wiccan religious symbol as a religious symbol and gave permission to inscribe the Pentacle on Wiccan US army soldiers gravestones.

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