Feline companions

Sometimes I feel, this small creature who just purrs and sounds “Meaw” is very intelligent far more than we ever thought. They secretly observe our behaviour and try to understand. Our cat sometimes watch TV, but pretends doing nothing when we go near. He always shows his moode and it is in his tidyness and the clarity of “Meaw”. “A sad cat is untidy”.

My cat is such a thug, got more than 6 stiches all around. It was so hard to gather him again. He sleeps most of the day and goes hunting at the night; comes back at night.

Our cat is the “alpha male” on the area. One day he came with a she-cat to home. Maybe his spouse. It was so afraid of us then. Now they both goes hunting together. I know this sounds little crazy. But this cat is so different.

He is Black and white, and born under my bed. My sister says that explains all the odds of the cat.


1 Response to “Feline companions”

  1. 1 Nirmal November 15, 2006 at 5:04 am

    excellent post machan. Cats eh? felines. I wanted a pet and asked our great dog lover Mrs. De Alwis whether I should go for a cat. She said a cat would be “okay”, but a doggie is best since he’s more dependent and cares about his master a lot.

    Not bad anyways, cat. what’s his name?

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